by Ed Gowen


Mr. Michael Brooks

Oil, 24 x 18

Private Collection

Red Hat

Oil, 20 x 16

Private Collection 

Mr. Thomas P. Dalton

Oil, 36 x 30​

collection of Patrick Henry Community College

Thomas Dalton was a great benefactor of the Patrick Henry Community College in Martinsville, Va. This is a posthumous portrait painted from one head and shoulders photograph taken when Mr. Dalton was a young man.  The rest of the figure was painted with the aid of a model who supplied reference for both figure and folded hands. 


Oil,  20 x 16

Private Collection

Little Girl with Berries

Oil, 36 x 24

Private Collection

I did this one for fun. I was so enamored with the pose and expression that I went ahead and painted this little girl from a cell phone pic!  It is amazing how sometimes artistic motivation can overcome the want of more complete reference material. 

Rev. Mark Grooms

 Oil,  24 x 18

Private Collection


Oil, 36 x 24

Collection of the Artist


Oil, 18 x 24, Detail 

Private Collection 

Hands are always a challenge, especially with the way Cara gently folded her right hand under her chin.  Making sure that the hand looked natural in such a position was a  double challenge. 

The Graduate

Oil, 36 x 24

Private Collection

Although I prefer to work from my own photos, I managed this portrait from a snapshot of a young lady and her horse who together graduated from riding school. 


Oil, 24 x 36 

A large painting can offer a life-size or near life-size rendering of your pet. 

Would you like a commissioned portrait of a special person, family member, friend, or yourself?  Consider a portrait as a gift to a prominent corporate officer or community leader. Pet portraits or renderings of a beloved home-place are also popular.

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