Archived W​orks

 by Ed Gowen

Paintings that have already found a permanent home 

Are you one the millions who want to learn how to paint?  Let me show you how.


The Dixon Place

12 x 16 Oil on panel 

In the seventeenth century, King James 1 of England granted plots of land to early Virginia settlers.  The Dixon family, who settled near what is now Lynchburg,  was one such family to receive a land grant.  This little house was one of the later domiciles of the Dixon family located on the original English family plot. Now part of  the Virginia State Parks system, I was painting this view when a Park Ranger approached me. Wondering if I was in violation of some park rule, it turns out that she was keenly interested in my painting since she had grown up in this little house!  The family later purchased the painting, a print of it, and even commissioned me to produce another original. 

The First Cool Day

16 x 12 Oil on panel 

Still Waters

Oil, 30 x 40

Property of Richfield Retirement Center, Salem, Va. 

Shining Through the Storm

Oil, 12 x 16

private collection

Late and lovely

Oil, 20 x 24

Private Collection