Commissioned Works 

by Ed Gowen

Are you one the millions who want to learn how to paint?  Let me show you how.


Mr. Michael Brooks

Oil, 24 x 18

Private Collection

Mr. Thomas P. Dalton

Oil, 36 x 30​

collection of Patrick Henry Community College

Thomas Dalton was a great benefactor of the Patrick Henry Community College in Martinsville, Va. This is a posthumous portrait painted from one head and shoulders photograph taken when Mr. Dalton was a young man.  The rest of the figure was painted with the aid of a model who supplied reference for both figure and folded hands. 


Oil,  20 x 16

Private Collection

The Graduate

Oil, 36 x 24

Private Collection

Although I prefer to work from my own photos, I managed this portrait from a snapshot of a young lady and her horse who together graduated from riding school. 

Little Girl with Berries

Oil, 36 x 24

Private Collection

I did this one for fun. I was so enamored with the pose and expression that I went ahead and painted this little girl from a cell phone pic!  It is amazing how sometimes artistic motivation can overcome the want of more complete reference material. 


Oil, 10 x 8

Private Collection

Rev. Mark Grooms

 Oil,  24 x 18

Private Collection


Oil, 36 x 24

Collection of the Artist


Oil, 18 x 24, Detail 

Private Collection 

Hands are always a challenge, especially with the way Cara gently folded her right hand under her chin.  Making sure that the hand looked natural in such a position was a  double challenge. 

General Procedure

An investment in a formal, archival quality portrait requires much thought and planning.

Meeting with the client gives the artist a chance to photograph, sketch, and/or do a small, quick painted “study” of the subject. Gathering this reference material from the setting that is distinctive to the subject helps to capture the essence of the person. At any time during the process, the artist may request additional meetings to insure quality progression of the work.

As the painting progresses, especially during final stages, the artist will provide opportunities for previews (either via internet or in person) to ensure that the work is meeting the client’s expectation.


The price is based primarily on size but other factors may affect the fee as well. Examples of such factors are represented below.

In order to really capture a subject’s essential qualities, a life-size rendering is called for. An 18 x 24 format or larger is desirable (for adult sized heads) in order to meet this criteria. This lends the life sized head and shoulders ample space for a strong composition. The basic fees are as follows:

Head and shoulders oil portrait ………… 18 x 24 …………….. 1,100.00

Additional persons ……………………..…………. 500.00

Complex subject matter, background, inclusion of pets, etc. may affect pricing and are agreed upon with the artist before final work commences.

5 % Virginia sales tax will be added.

Prices include framing, except in instances where customer desires more ornate style framing.

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